Hey everyone! My name is Kae.

I'm a visual artist, designer, silversmith, and all around crafty lady. I guess you could call me a Jane-of-all-trades. I am originally from New England, but I've hopped around a bit. I've lived in Colorado, the Southeast, some dwellings in between, but the Northeast just keeps calling back to me.

Though I would consider myself primarily an artist, I also dabble in marketing, brand design, modeling, and organic gardening!

I want to teach the world how to be their own unique self. I want people to feel and know that they are loved and special. I want people to appreciate the smaller things in life and not take everything so serious.

I hope that whoever you are and however you found yourself here, you know that you are amazing and you have a purpose in this life.

Many blessings to you, stay feeling loved!

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